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What is a superfan? [so͞opərfan} NOUN- “A person who has an extreme or obsessive admiration for a particular person or thing.”

Something you may not know about me – I have superfans. That’s right. Three of them. Don’t laugh. Yes. I can count them on one hand, but they are mine damn it. I may not be a Hollywood celebrity, an award-winning author or totes famous…yet, but I have three kick ass ladies who love the stuffing out of me, and I couldn’t be more honored. Shout out to Shawnette, Elaine, and Jenna. You ladies rock my world with your love and support aimed at a squirt of a guy sitting in a cold hotel lobby making friends with the odd-colored dust bunnies. Do you want to know a super-duper secret? I’ve had a love affair with them for two years and they’ve never failed to entertain me.

As I hear the screams from around the corner, “Emergency! We have places to be and celebrities to attack.” The drama starts like a scene from an 80s movie. Picture a group of ladies swarming the mall record store, fighting to get the next big album to hit the Sam Goody new release rack, and you can imagine what I’m describing. My mission is simple, do my job. Do it good and hard and do it right until the job is done. I’m a man beast with the right sized tool and the stamina to not stop. I pulled and poked at every nook and cranny until I found just the right fit to their many holes. They brought the batteries, spray lube and extra attachments and I brought the skill set. It seemed like an eternity to perform. I gave it a couple good screws, lots of grunting, one long push and we received the climax of a fairy tale ending. What did I get for all my hard work? I got a five-star review, high fives and two cigarettes to calm my nerves. Hell yes! Now get your mind out of the gutter. It’s not that type of hotel. We were putting batteries in a stubborn toy dart gun.

It was pure magic, but the magic didn’t end there. This year my superfans came back again for Wizard World New Orleans and the unthinkable happened. They introduced me to my one and only Hollywood pass, my dream lover, my second husband, my bromance, and just an all around sweet as hell guy; Matt Ryan. My boyfriend is aware of the arrangement I have with the cosmos when it comes to sexy Matt Ryan. Yes. THE Matt Ryan from film and TV. The devil himself was in my house and I was delightfully addicted to his charm.

Now most people may not believe I met Mr. Hotty-Totty Matt Ryan but it’s all true, and my superfans will back me up. My superfans and I are now connected through the Rensverse and with one yell we stand. Out of the darkness we pull the light. Out of the light we spark the beginning of creation itself. I’m the storyteller with no limits and they are the inventors of our domination. They create fantastic T-shirts, chap sticks, clicky pens, life-sized cardboard cut-outs, sticky notes that don’t stick, those weird little buttons that prick you but never work, and every other amazing contraption of super awesomeness - all with Matt Ryan’s face splashed across them. Feel our power! Matt knows the superfans on sight and he knows me as his friendly New Orleans super concierge. Hell, maybe he’ll play me in a Netflix original series one day. Dreams can happen, but until then, I’d be happy just throwing back a few over good conversations.

The thing I’m getting at is this, having superfans is definitely all that and a bag of peanuts. I'm lucky enough to get three new friends that only want the best for me. I get advice, hugs, laughter, happy tears, yummy chocolate, and so much more. I get to not be that ignored concierge sitting in a cold lobby smiling awkwardly at the wall. For one brief moment in my short life, they allowed me to feel like a superhero. Matt Ryan may be the delicious lickable whipped topping but my new superfans are the cherry on top. For all the kind smiles they give, it is given back ten-fold. One could say, I’m their biggest superfan.

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